In an age where financial pressures and work demands are ever-increasing, finding peace and balance seems like an unattainable dream for many


*Not anymore*


Reduced stress and anxiety
Improve your mood and sleep quality
Enhance focus and productivity
Regain a sense of control and well-being in your life.
Lifetime Access $47 $27

*If, after using our meditations, you don't experience the benefits promised, we'll gladly offer a full refund.

"I've never felt more at peace! This meditation bundle has truly changed my life."

-Alex, 42


"I've never felt more at peace! This meditation bundle has truly changed my life."

-Alex, 42

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"I have had the privilege to listen to meditations under The Calm Switch program, and have found these to be of great support for me, particularly in assisting me to "quieten my mind" in times of high anxiety and stress due to my work.

- Jeanette – General Manager, Northland District Health Board - New Zealand

What you’ll get

15 meditations (from 5 minute bit size mediations to 20 min in depth sessions)
Access it anywhere to fit your lifestyle
BONUS: 5 Binaural beats (scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and help with relaxation because of their frequency)
Money back guarantee. (If after committing and using our mediations you don’t experience benefits, we’ll gladly offer a full refund)

This curated meditation simplifies the journey towards stress management and inner peace.

We understand that some might question whether they can truly achieve the results promised. 

We did too! 

But now, you can be rest assured, these meditations have been meticulously designed and crafted by the very best professionals, and are backed by science. 

You don't need to commit to lengthy meditation sessions or complicated routines. 

We've made it simple and accessible, ensuring you can effortlessly switch off stress and worry.

35% of people who meditate have proven to reduce their stress in their life.

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"Finally, a stress relief solution that understands the challenges of our age."

-Samantha, 38

Don't listen to Us. Listen to them

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"I am so grateful to have come across “The Calm Switch” meditations. Previously I found most meditations were far too long for my very busy life, so at first, I was skeptical as I wasn’t sure if I could concentrate.

I was pleasantly surprised! I find these mediations to be perfect for my busy lifestyle and are so calming and relaxing.

While using The Calm Switch I am finally able to give my mind and my spirit some peace and space to just be me. So many to choose from, but my favorites are “Easing into Mindfulness”, “Let it all go” and “Bringing about Clarity + Theta”."

- Merle – National Sales Manager – Brisbane, Australia

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"Mike has a great understanding and empathy for others which is important when helping people improve their lives. He has been vital in helping me to find a perfect balance in all areas of my life.

After listening to Body Mindfulness - Here and Now, in The Calm Switch "I felt very relaxed and at peace. I find that this series of meditations helps me to find peace and to become centered in my hectic life.”

- Paul – Real Estate Principle – Sydney, Australia

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"After experiencing long-term stress and anxiety in my career and my personal life, I am so thankful that I was introduced to “The Calm Switch” meditations by a close friend.

It has truly changed my life! I have been listening to The Calm Switch meditations every day, and the transformation that has occurred in my life since then has been truly amazing.

Thank you, Michael for these wonderful meditations and for helping me to dramatically improve my life."

- Peter – Print Media Manager – Queensland, Australia

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"I am a busy working Mum and sometimes it’s hard for me to find time to wind down and relax. I had never tried meditating before because I thought meditations were long and I could never find that time.

A friend suggested that I should try The Calm Switch meditations as they were quick and easy to follow. I was very surprised that all of the meditations in The Calm Switch were only between 5 minutes and 20 minutes long.

This was perfect for me and so I use these amazing meditations every day. After a very short time I was able to switch off and become relaxed very quickly."

- Marissa – Retail Shop Assistant & busy Mum – Brisbane, Australia


"A soothing and relaxing way to start and wind down my day. These powerful meditations allowed me to slow down and be present in the moment. Teaching me inner peace and gratitude.

I am grateful for an outlet to relieve stress and practice mindfulness throughout my day. “If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key,” -Buddha."

- Sarah – Attorney – New York, USA

The Calm Switch™️ Meditation Set
The Calm Switch™️ Meditation Set

The Calm Switch™️ Meditation Set



Eliminate Stress and Enjoy Inner Peace and Serenity with The Calm Switch™️ Meditations!

Introducing The Calm Switch™️ Meditation Set, a revolutionary product designed to transform your meditation experience and usher in tranquility like never before.

In today's fast-paced world, stress, anxiety, and worry have become constant companions. We're bombarded with pressures from work, family, and life's many demands.

We find ourselves overwhelmed, our minds racing with negative thoughts, and our bodies tense and tired. Chronic anxiety, bouts of unshakeable sadness, and sleepless nights have become far too familiar.

You're not alone if you feel that life is working against you, leaving you with persistent stress and worry. The problem is clear: how can we find serenity and emotional balance amid life's chaos?

Introducing The Calm Switch™️ This series of meditations are the key to a life-changing transformation. These guided meditations are carefully designed to empower you with rapid and lasting relief from stress, anxiety, and worry. With a range of 20 meditations, from quick 5-minute sessions to deeper 20-minute journeys, you can effortlessly shift your focus and regain control of your mind and body.



Scientifically Backed

Our guided meditations are rooted in science, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in achieving a state of calmness and tranquility.


Customizable Relaxation

Tailor your experience with meditation durations ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, allowing flexibility to fit into any schedule.


Instant Stress Relief

Experience rapid relief from stress, anxiety, and tension without the need for lengthy meditation sessions, offering quick and tangible results.


Comprehensive Life Coverage

Addressing various aspects of life, our program is versatile, catering to diverse relaxation and calmness needs.


Proven Anxiety Reduction

Leverage the power of meditation that's proven to effectively reduce anxiety, offering a pathway to inner peace and emotional freedom.


Tested and Proven

Our guided meditations have been meticulously tested and proven to eliminate stress while promoting clarity and inner peace, ensuring a reliable and trusted solution.